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A Checklist of the Reptiles and Amphibians (Herpetofauna) of the LRGV

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June, 2015
Created by David T. Dauphin 

This checklist is based on records found in Werler and Dixon. 2000. Texas Snakes-Identification, Distribution, and Natural History.  Austin, TX. 437pp. ISBN 0-292-79130-5, and on records found in Bartlett and Bartlett. 1999. A Field Guide to Texas Reptiles and Amphibians. 1999. Houston, TX. 331pp. ISBN 0-87719-337-1, and from Zaidan. 2008. Reptiles and Amphibians of the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Edinburg, TX.

Toads      Bufonidae
  • Eastern Green Toad – Bufo debilis insidior  C, H, S
  • Giant Toad – Bufo marinus   C, H, S
  • Red-spotted Toad – Bufo punctatus  S
  • Texas Toad – Bufo speciosus  C, H, S, W
  • Coastal Plains Toad – Bufo nebulifer   C, H, S, W    
  • Woodhouse’s Toad – Bufo w. woodhousii   C, H, W
 Cricket Frogs, Treefrogs, and Chorus Frogs        Hylidae
  • Blanchard’s Cricket Frog – Acris crepitans blanchardii   C, H, W
  • Green Treefrog – Hyla cinera   C, H, S
  • Mexican Treefrog – Smilisca baudinii  C, H
  • Spotted Chorus Frog – Pseudacris clarkii  C, H, S
  • Strecker’s Chorus Frog – Pseudacris s. streckeri   W
Tropical Frogs       Leptodactylidae
  • Rio Grande Chirping Frog – Eleutherodactylus cystignathoides campi  C, H
  • White-lipped Frog – Leptodactylus labialis   C, H, S
Narrowmouth Toads and Sheep Frogs      Microhylidae
  • Great Plains Narrowmouth Toad – Gastrophryne olivacea   C, H, S, W
  • Sheep Frog – Hypopachus variolosus   C, H, S, W
Spadefoots      Pelobatidae
  • Couch’s Spadefoot – Scaphiopus couchii   C, H, S, W
  • Hurter’s Spadefoot – Scaphiopus holbrookii hurteri   C, H, S, W
  • Plains Spadefoot – Spea bombifrons   H, S, W
True Frogs      Ranidae
  • Rio Grande Leopard FrogRana berlandieri   C, H, S. W
  • Bullfrog – Rana catesbeiana   C, H, S, W
Mexican Burrowning Toad      Rhinophrynidae
  • Mexican Burrowing Toad – Rhinophrynus dorsalis   S
Mole Salamanders       Ambystomatidae
  • Barred Tiger Salamander – Ambystoma tigrinum mavortium   C, H, S, W
Newts      Salamandridae
  • Black-spotted Newt – Notophthalmus m. meridionalis  C, H, S, W
Sirens      Sirenidae
  • Rio Grande Lesser Siren – Siren intermedia texana   C, H, S
Alligators and Caimans      Alligatoridae
  • American Alligator – Alligator mississippiensis   H, C 
Alligator and Glass Lizards       Anguidae
  • Western Slender Glass Lizard – Ophisaurus a. attenuatus    C, H
Eyelidded Geckos       Eublepharidae
  • Texas Banded Gecko – Coleonyx brevis   C, H, S
Geckos      Gekkonidae
  • Mediterrranean Gecko – Hemidactylus turcicus    C, H, S, W
Collared and Leopard Lizards      Crotaphytidae
  • Reticulated Collared Lizard – Crotaphytus reticulatus   H, S
Iquanas      Iguanidae
  • Mexican Spiny-tailed Iguana – Ctenosaura pectinata   C
Earless, Horned, Spiny Lizards, and Relatives      Phrynosomatidae
  • Texas Greater Earless Lizard – Cophosaurus t. texanus   H, S
  • Spot-tailed Earless Lizard – Holbrookia lacerate subcaudalis   S
  • Keeled Earless Lizard – Holbrookia p. propinqua   C, H, S, W
  • Texas Horned Lizard – Phrynosoma cornutum   C, H, S, W
  • Mesquite Lizard – Sceloporus grammicus microlepidotus   C, H, S
  • Texas Spiny Lizard – Sceloporus olivaceus   C, H, S, W
  • Blue Spiny Lizard – Sceloporus serrifer cyanogenys   H, S 
  • Southern Prairie Lizard – Sceloporus undulatus hyacinthinus   C, H, S
  • Rose-bellied Lizard – Sceloporus v. variabilis   C, H, S, W
  • Eastern Tree Lizard – Urosaurus o. ornatus   C, S
Anoles      Polychrotidae
  • Green Anole – Anolis c. carolinensis   C, H, S, W
  • Brown Anole – Anolis sagrei   C, H
Skinks      Scincidae
  • Great Plains Skink – Eumeces obsoletus   C, H, S, W
  • Four-lined Skink – Eumeces t. tetragrammus   H, S
  • Ground Skink – Scincella lateralis   C, H, S, W
Whiptails and Racerunners      Teiidae
  • Texas Spotted Whiptail – Cnemidophorus gularis gularis   C, H, S, W
  • Laredo Striped Whiptail – Cnemidophorus laredoensis    C, H, S
  • Six-lined Racerunner – Cnemidophorus s. sexlineatus    C
SNAKES (SUB-ORDER SERPENTES) (34 Species and 1 Sub-species)
Slender Blind Snakes      Leptotyphlopidae 
  • Texas Blind Snake – Leptotyphlops d. dulcis    C, H, S

Blind Snakes       Typhlopidae 

  • Brahminy Blind Snake - Ramphotyphlops braminus    H, W
Colubrids      Colubridae
  • Texas Glossy Snake – Arizona elegans arenicola    H, S, W  
  • Mexican RacerColuber constrictor oaxaca    C, H
  • Black-striped Snake – Coniophanes i. imperialis   C, H, W
  • Texas Indigo Snake – Drymarchon corais erebennus    C, H, S, W
  • Speckled Racer – Drymobius m. margaritiferus    C, H  
  • Great Plains Rat Snake – Elaphe guttata emoryi    C, H, S, W
  • Texas Rat Snake – Elaphe obsolete lindheimeri    C, H, S, W
  • Mexican Hook-nosed Snake – Facimia streckeri    C, H, S, W
  • Mexican Hog-nosed Snake – Heterodon nasicus kennerly    C, H, S
  • Texas Night Snake – Hypsiglena torquata jani    H, S, W
  • Prairie King Snake – Lampropeltis c. calligaster    H, S
  • Desert King Snake – Lampropeltis getula splendida     S
  • Mexican Milk Snake – Lampropeltis triangulum annulata   C, H, S, W
  • Northern Cat-eyed Snake – Leptodeira s. septentrionalis   C, H, S, W
  • Western CoachwhipMasticophis flagellum testaceus   C, H, S, W
  • Schott’s Whipsnake – Masticophis s. schotti    H, S, W
  •          Ruthven’s Whipsnake – Masticophis schotti ruthveni   C, W
  • Blotched Water Snake – Nerodia erythrogaster transversa    C, H, W
  • Florida Water Snake – Nerodia fasciata pictiventris   C
  • Diamond-backed Water Snake – Nerodia r. rhombifer    C, H, S, W
  • Rough Green Snake – Opheodrys aestivus    C, H
  • Bull Snake – Pituophis catenifer sayi    C, H, S, W 
  • Texas Long-nosed Snake – Rhinocheilus lecontei tessellates    C, H, S
  • Texas Patch-nosed Snake – Salvadora grahamiae lineate    C, H, S, W
  • Ground Snake – Sonora semiannulata taylori    C, H, S 
  • Texas Brown Snake – Storeria dekayi texana   C, H, S
  • Flathead Snake – Tantilla gracilis   H, W
  • Plains Blackhead Snake – Tantilla nigriceps    C, H, S
  • Checkered Garter Snake – Thamnophis m. marcianus   C, H, S, W
  • Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake – Thamnophis proximus orarius    C, H, S, W
Coral Snakes and Their Allies      Elapidae
  • Texas Coral Snake – Micrurus fulvius tener   C, H, S, W
Vipers      Viperidae
  • Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake – Crotalus atrox   C, H, S, W
  • Desert Massasauga – Sistrurus catenatus edwardsi   C, H, W
Typical Sea Turtles     Cheloniidae
  • Loggerhead Turtle – Caretta caretta   C, W
  • Green Turtle – Chelonia mydas  C
  • Atlantic Hawksbill Turtle – Eretmochelys i. imbricate   C, W
  • Atlantic Ridley Turtle – Lepidochelys kempii   C, W

Leatherback Sea Turtles      Dermochelyidae

  • Leatherback Turtle – Dernochelys coriacea  C
Basking and Box Turtles       Emydidae
  • Rio Grande River Cooter – Pseudemys gorzugi  C, H
  • Ornate Box Turtle – Terrapene o. ornata  C, H, S, W
  • Red-eared Slider – Trachemys scripta elegans   C, H, S, W
Mud and Musk Turtles      Kinosternidae
  • Yellow Mud Turtle – Kinosternon f. flavescens  C, H, S, W
Tortoises      Testudinidae
  • Texas Tortoise – Gopherus berlandieri   C, H, S, W
Softshell Turtles      Trionychidae
  • Texas Spiny Softshell Turtle – Trionyx spiniferus emoryi   C, H, S, W